RX Marketing group is a California-based digital advertising company that employs our own state-of-the-art analytical and consumer intelligence platform to match people with the products they need to enrich their financial well-being.

We are looking for Full Stack Engineers to join our engineering team to help support, improve and innovate new features and integrations in our consumer intelligence platform.

What we expect out of every member of our software engineering team

  • The ability to create a plan of attack on how you're going to accomplish the code you write in the form of flow diagrams, database schema ERD, and supporting documentation before you follow through on execution, execution is everything.
  • Eagerness to learn new technologies and excel at your technical core competencies.
  • We adhere to a high standard of engineering. Your code must be PSR12 compliant, maintain a high level of PHPUnit coverage, and include PHPDoc and OpenAPI Documentation where applicable. If it doesn't, it doesn't even make it into the development branch!
  • Be involved in our standups every morning, participate in team deep-dives that describe what we are making, join in on our Lunch & Learn to showcase a piece of technology you want us to adopt, and work with our project managers to stay on track and update our users!
  • Be organized and be able to communicate your objectives to your peers.

RX Marketing's Tech Stack

  • Code: PHP Laravel Framework, Javascript VueJS, and Python.
  • Infrastructure and DevOps: Ubuntu Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS & Google Cloud, and Sentry.
  • Databases: ElasticSearch, MongoDB, InfluxDB and MySQL.
  • Version Control: GitHub.
  • Project Tracking and Roadmaps: JIRA, Monday, and smart sheets. AGILE Scrum (eXtreme Programming).

Primary requirements to join our team as a Full Stack Engineer

  • Expert working knowledge of:
    • PHP, Javascript, and HTML/CSS.
    • Web Fundamentals like browser/server (HTTP) communication, Web sockets, and DNS.
    • Git: Branching strategies, Pull Requests, code reviews etc.
    • PHPUnit, PHPDoc, and OpenAPI/Swagger documentation.
  • Experience or have a good understanding of:
    • Databases such as MySQL, ElasticSearch, InfluxDB, MongoDB and Redis.
    • Laravel Queues, Events/Listeners, Workers, and Caching etc.
    • VueJS page & component writing
    • Bootstrap, Tailwind, or other front-end UX/UI Frameworks.
    • Command line tools such as Docker and PHP Artisan
    • Diagram tools like Lucidcharts, Diagrams.net or equivalent.
  • At least 2+ years of experience as a Full Stack Engineer using VueJS and Laravel or equivalent framework.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Untracked & Unlimited PTO: Many organizations try this, but we do it successfully.
  • Paid Health Insurance, Dental and Vision for you & your family: your family is our family.
  • Fully remote-work: You don't have to come to an office! Our team works over Slack, Google Meet, and Zoom.
  • Company provided hardware: We don’t want you to be held back by hardware - we provide the newest Apple hardware (MBP), extra monitors and peripherals.

Employee education programs: Do you want to continue to learn and grow? We will pay for your training, courses, materials, and certifications.